Notable Cases

The firm’s extensive experience in the field of civil trial practice has resulted in the following noteworthy verdicts and settlements.  All results are reported in present day dollars, rather than future payments that some clients elect to receive.  Since each case stands on its own merits, the results reported should not be interpreted as likely results in any other cases.

$10 Million – Recovered

Medical Malpractice / Spinal Cord Injury

A young teenager become a quadriplegic due to medical errors in an emergency room.  Due to these medical errors, his condition was misdiagnosed, ultimately resulting in catastrophic spinal cord damage.

$14 Million – Recovered

Brain Damage / Railroad-Truck Intersection Collision

A husband/father received severe brain injuries while he was driving home from work.  While he was stopped at a railroad crossing, the oncoming train crashed into a tractor-trailer which was blocking the crossing.  Flying debris from the collision struck the man, resulting in severe brain injury.

$2.5 Million – Recovered

Medical Malpractice/Brain Damage

Recovery on behalf of an infant suffering brain damage due to physicians’ failure to diagnose.

$2.6 Million – Verdict

Medical Malpractice / Brain Damage

An elderly woman went to the emergency room complaining of severe pain due to sickle cell disease.  She received improper care for this condition and suffered brain damage as a result.

$7.5 Million – Recovered

Brain Damage / Intersection Collision

A 50-year-old man suffered severe brain injuries in an intersection collision when a corporate truck made an improper turn.  Prior counsel had advised the clients that a recovery could never exceed $1 Million.

$4.5 Million – Recovered

Medical Malpractice / Brain Damage

A 70-year-old woman suffered severe brain injuries when an ICU nurse, without a doctor’s order, inserted a nasogastric tube in the patient.  Due to an earlier surgery, the tube went into the patient’s brain rather than her stomach.  This was the only patient assigned to the nurse during that shift.  The nurse failed to read the patient’s chart before deciding, on her own, to insert the tube.

$500,000.00 – Recovered

Truck Wreck/Shoulder Injury

A driver was rear ended on an interstate highway and suffered a rotator cuff injury requiring surgery.

$350,000.00 – Verdict & Recovery

Railroad/Crossing Collision

A locomotive engineer suffered a back injury in a crossing collision, resulting in low back surgery and a limitation on future employment.

$475,000.00 – Recovered

Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death

An elderly woman failed to timely receive ordered antibiotics in a hospital.  Her infection spread out of control and she died.

$250,000.00 – Recovered

Medical Malpractice/Laparoscopic Surgery

A patient suffered injury to her bile duct during laparoscopic gall bladder surgery.

$300,000.00 – Recovered

Truck Wreck/Back Injury

A tractor trailer driver with a lengthy history of prior back injuries was rear ended on an interstate highway by another tractor trailer truck, resulting in an additional back surgery.

$600,000.00 – Recovered

Railroad/Back Injury

A railroad worker suffered back injuries requiring surgery after a piece of defective equipment collapsed.

$600,000.00 – Recovered

Railroad/Shoulder Injury

A railroad worker suffered a shoulder injury and stress disorder when his locomotive was hit by another locomotive.

Aviation Liability / Brain Damage-Verdict

A Nashville music industry executive suffered brain damage during a flight when items fell from the overhead bin.  The case helped prompt safer airline procedures regarding storage of items during flight.  Witnesses for the plaintiff included Tammy Wynette, Charlie Daniels, and Ricky Skaggs.

$700,000.00 – Recovered

Premises Liability / Construction Site / Wrongful Death

A sixteen-year-old girl drifted off the shoulder of a newly repaved road.  She encountered a steep drop-off from the road surface to the dirt shoulder causing her to lose control and be killed in a one-car wreck.  Since there were no witnesses and the wreck had to be reconstructed from circumstantial evidence, the case was exceedingly difficult.  The result helped lead to safer procedures by the Department of Transportation and local governments in maintaining safe roadways.

1996 Atlanta Olympic Bombing

Premises Liability / Appeals Counsel

The firm served as appeals counsel for a group of 40+ victims of the bombing of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, later confessed to by Eric Rudolph.  The firm succeeded in twice having case-ending rulings made by the trial court overruled in the appellate courts.

$800,000.00 – Recovered

Truck Wreck / Wrongful Death

A tractor-trailer truck driver was killed when the load in the trailer shifted in a turn.  The outcome was particularly good since the law of the state of occurrence is that any contributing negligence by the driver precludes a recovery.

$4 Million – Recovered

Medical Malpractice / Spinal Cord Injury

In this Illinois case, a child received a spinal cord injury during birth.

$2.25 Million – Recovered

Premises Liability / Wrongful Death

This is believed to be the highest settlement in Georgia for the swimming pool / drowning death of a toddler.  The victim, a three-year-old child, went into the pool area of an apartment complex, fell into the pool, and drowned.  The pool gate was defective, did not self-close, and violated the County pool ordinance.  The apartment complex had been repeatedly cited for defective pool gates and never made appropriate repairs.

$6 Million – Recovered

Federal Tort Claims Act

The Duke of Wellington’s Royal Rugby Regiment came to the United States for exhibition tour matches against stateside teams.  A United States Army soldier, assigned as driver for the team, lost control of the team’s van – causing a wreck in which team members were severely injured and one was killed.  The case was extremely complicated, involving the FERES doctrine, NATO Treaty, and Status of Forces Agreement, and is believed to be one of the few, if not only, case in which foreign soldiers have been authorized to recover against the United States.  Among those presenting evidence was Winston Churchill, III.  The case was followed and reported by nationally published commentator James Kilpatrick.

Will Contest – Verdict

A father made a verbal deal with his mother that he would make a will leaving all his estate to her on the condition that she would also make a will leaving everything she inherited from him to his only child/her granddaughter.  Within a few days of his death, the grandmother revoked her will and made a new one leaving the multimillion dollar estate she had just inherited to others and excluding the man’s daughter from any inheritance.  Because of the difficulty of proving the case, a prior law firm withdrew.  Due to the in depth investigation by our firm, a jury found in favor of the granddaughter.

$1 Million – Recovered

Premises Liability / Construction Site

A worker was struck and pinned against a wall by a negligently operated backhoe – causing severe lacerations and injuries.  Two prior law firms had rejected the case as unmeritorious.

$1.3 Million – Recovered

Product Liability – Burn Injuries

A toddler suffered severe burns when she climbed onto an open oven door causing the stove to tip over, spilling hot grease onto the child.  Plaintiff proved that stove tip-over is a known risk requiring that the stove be secured to prevent tipping over.

$1.8 Million – Recovered

Premises Liability – Burn Injuries

A young woman rented an apartment and noticed the smell of gas in the kitchen.  A repairman came, opened the oven, and struck a match.  The resulting explosion caused severe burn injuries to the tenant.

$1.8 Million – Recovered

Intersection Collision / Brain Damage

A woman suffered severe brain injury in an intersection collision.  As the car in which she was a passenger left an apartment complex, the driver’s view was obscured by a sign that had been erected near the intersection.  The sign violated the governing sign ordinance and had been reported as dangerous.

$3 Million – Verdict

Intersection Collision / Wrongful Death

A homemaker in the passenger seat of a car driven by her husband was killed when her husband ran a stop sign and was hit by a speeding State of Georgia vehicle. The jury valued her life at $3 Million and established the important legal principle that the husband’s own negligence did not bar the daughter from recovering for her mother’s death.  Judgment was entered for the daughter for $1.5 Million.

$800,000.00 – Recovered

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death

An elderly woman died due to complications from a medical procedure.

$800,000.00 – Recovered

Product Liability / Burn Injuries

A house fire occurred due to defective lighting manufactured in China.

Legal Malpractice   – Verdict

The firm represented three adult children of a man killed in a car wreck.  The surviving spouse/stepmother hired an attorney who settled the case.  The spouse and her attorney failed to pay any proceeds to the surviving children.  The case is relied upon throughout Georgia as establishing the proper method of distributing wrongful death proceeds between beneficiaries.

$640,000.00 – Recovered

Premises Liability / Construction Site/Burn Injuries
A welder suffered second degree burns when he was instructed to weld on top of an empty crude oil holding tank.  The company failed to secure the area or shut down crude oil operations in a nearby tank resulting in an explosion.

Policy Limits – Settlement

Truck Wreck / Wrongful Death

A tractor-trailer truck driver was killed in a head-on wreck with another truck.  The case resulted in a policy limits settlement.

$900,000.00 – Recovered

Railroad / Wrongful Death

A railroad worker suffered an on the job back injury.  Several years later he died on the operating table while undergoing back surgery.

$750,000.00 – Verdict

Railroad / Back Injury

A railroad worker injured his back while attempting to open a defective window on the locomotive.

$740,000.00 – Verdict

Railroad / Back Injury

A railroad worker injured his back when a stanchion broke loose as he was attempting to climb onto a flat car.

$750,000.00 – Recovered

Railroad / Back Injury

A railroad worker suffered a back injury when a railroad “cab” driver was involved in a rear-end collision.

$540,000.00 – Recovered

Railroad / Back Injury

An engineer suffered a back injury when, due to a defective locomotive, he was unable to see and struck a standing car.

$400,000.00 – Recovered

Railroad / Back Injury

A railroad worker was injured when his train crossed a negligently maintained grade crossing.

$450,000.00 – Recovered

Railroad / Shoulder Injury

A railroad trainman suffered a shoulder injury when his locomotive turned over on an area of track flooded by recent rains.

$217,000.00 – Recovered

Railroad / Heat Stroke

A railroad worker suffered a heat stroke while working a local job during the middle of July.  Although there are several instances in which railroads have been found liable for failing to protect workers against extreme cold in northern states, we believe this may be the first instance in which a railroad has paid damages for “too hot to work” conditions in the deep South.

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